“I’m just gonna…

“I’m just gonna keep my feelings to myself and keep smiling like there is nothing wrong with me.”

“I’m fine.” has got to be the most common lie but it still gets used everyday by a lot of people. We say we’re fine even though we’re not. We hide our true feelings sometimes because we’re ashamed to be judged by other people who, in reality, are also afraid of being judged themselves. We smile and laugh until our tummies ache but deep inside, we know that we’re not okay. We just have to find that one person that we can trust and be able to tell, finally, that no, we’re not okay. We have a lot of problems and we need someone to help solve them because we know that we can’t do everything alone. Humans were created for other humans. We don’t have to say “I’m fine.” all the time. Sometimes, it’s also okay to break down and say “No, I’m pretty fucked up. And I want to get better but I don’t know how so please help me.”.


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