A little rant about The Lizzie Bennet Diaries


You can literally feel the awkwardness and love at the same time when you look at the picture. I love it. I love them. I love how they portrayed their characters so differently but at the same time so alike. I hate how George Wickham ruined Georgiana Darcy and Lydia Bennet. I want to punch his face every time I see him in Lydia’s videos. I love how Lizzie and Jane are always there for Lydia. I love the way that they supported Lydia when she was at her lowest. I love how William Darcy bought out an entire company just so he can save not only Lydia but her whole family. And I love how he did that for Lizzie. I love how William Darcy always has impeccable timing when she comes to talk to Lizzie, thus making him appear in her videos. I love how Jane and Bing Lee somehow ended up together despite of the things or persons that continuously tried to ruin their relationship a.k.a. Caroline Lee. I love how every character ended up with a somewhat happy ending. Lizzie ended up starting her own company and snagging William Darcy at the same time, Charlotte ended up taking over Collins&Collins, Jane and Bing ended up moving to New York with Jane’s new awesome job, Lydia is healing and is slowly coming back to the totes adorbs Lydia that we know and love, Georgiana’s much stronger now that she’s confronted her monster a.k.a. George Wickham, cousin Mary is happy with Eddie and Fitz is…Fitz. I frankly don’t care what happened to Caroline and George. I hate them, end of discussion. Finally, no more convoluted schemes, no more tool boyfriends, no more scandals, no more worries and most of all, no more drama. Well, maybe just a little bit of drama. You get my gist.

I kind of teared up at the 100th episode. And I agree with Lizzie. 100 seems like a good number to stop. I love The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and I hope they make a sequel. I really do.


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