Concert Tickets Shouldn’t Be So. Freaking. Expensive

Thought Catalog

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I don’t care who think you are. I don’t care that you’ve been in the limelight for over eight or 18 years now. I don’t care how many followers you garner on Twitter, nor do I care how many venues you’ve previously sold out. I don’t care that you’re Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, or even Beyoncé.

Tickets to see you live and in concert should not cost my college tuition.

I work hard for my money, as hard as the next desperate college student. I work long shifts, deal with rude costumers, and, generally, have better things I could be doing with my life, like sleeping or watching Netflix. I work hard and, for the most part, I don’t enjoy spending the money I’ve slaved away for.

What makes it okay to charge that much for your concert? How do you sleep at night, knowing you’ve exploited…

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