To The Kids Who Used To Wish They Could Be Older

Thought Catalog


You were curled up in the corner of your bedroom with your bottom lip pouted out, breathing as heavily as a little kid can, and your mom was pounding at your door. “I’m never coming out! I can’t wait to move out of here!” you yelled at her. She is too patient to yell back – she always has been — so she just stood there, knowing that you would, as always, be too hungry and weak-willed to last longer than ten minutes.

You were 6, and this was the first time of many that you would decide that you couldn’t wait to grow up. You would imagine a day when you could set your own bedtime, or lack thereof, and not have to worry about how dirty your floor is. The light at the end of the tunnel was a day when you could eat chicken nuggets and Lunchables…

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